Photos of our club teams through the years.

1991 Ballinakill U21 A Hurling Champions

1985 Senior Hurling Team

Back r to l: P. Dunphy, J. Dunne, G. McGrath, M. Walsh, M. Dunphy, E. Stapleton, W. Phelan, C. McGuire. Front r to l: K. Meally (Coach), J.J. Carey, P. Hamm, J.P. O’ Mara, G. Dunphy, T. Dunphy, J. Kennedy, G. O’ Shaughnessy.

Ballinakill Senior Hurling team from late 1970’s

Back row L to R: J. Dunphy, P. Ivory, J. Bergin, D. O’ Shaughnessy, D. Bergin, J. Delaney, M. Walsh, M. Walsh Snr, M. Dunphy, P.J. Walsh, L.O’ Shaughnessy, M. Hamm, J. Mooney, A. Kennedy, M. O’ Shaughnessy Snr. Front row L to R: J. Walsh, P.J. Brennan, P. Dunphy, J.P O’ Mara,  T. Dunphy, W. Hamm, P. Hamm, J. Downey, J. Brennan, P. Walsh.

Ballinakill U21 Hurling team 1973

1979 Senior Hurling Team

Back l to r: M. Walsh, G. McGrath, L. O’ Shaughnessy, P. Dunphy, D. O’ Shaughnessy, P. Delaney, M. Dunphy, K. Dunphy, J. Dwyer. Front l to r: P. Hamm, T. Dunphy, J. Walsh, P.J Hamm, P.J Walsh, W. Phelan, P.J Brennan.

Ballinakill Senior Hurling Team 1981

Back l to r: D. O’ Shaughnessy, M. Fogarty, P.J Brennan, J. Walsh, M. Walsh, L. O’ Shaughnessy, M. Dunphy, W. Phelan, G. McGrath. Front l to r: Fr. J. Doran, P. Delaney, J. Dunne, T. Dunphy, P. Hamm, G. O’ Shaughnessy, J.P. O’ Mara, G. Dunphy.

1969 Junior County Champions

1979 Senior Hurling Team

Ballinakill Team who won the Intermediate Final in 1974 

Ballinakill 1984 Hurling Team – who played a Past V Present match to mark the Centenary of the G.A.A

Back l to r: M. Fogarty, W. Phelan, P. Dunphy, M. Maher, K. Dunphy, J. Dunne, M. Hyland, C. McGuire, J. Kennedy. Front l to r: J.P. O’ Mara, E. Hamm, P. Hamm, P. Hamm, W. Hamm, T. Dunphy, G. Dunphy, P.J. Walsh.

Ballinakill Past Hurling Team – who played a Past V Present match to mark the Centenary of the G.A.A

Back l to r: Referee Mick Walsh Snr, J. Maher, J. Delaney, N. Kelly, W. Delaney, G. Maher, L. O’ Shaughnessy, D. O’ Shaughnessy, J. Downey, J. Brennan, J. Campion. Front l to r: P.J. Gowing, B. Barry, P. Maher, A. Kennedy, J. Stapleton, J. Walsh, F. O’ Shaughnessy, P.J. Brennan, D. O’ Shaughnessy, P. Lambert, E. Delaney.

1987 Junior Football Final – J.P. O’ Mara receives the cup

Intermediate Hurling Champions 1995

Back l to r: J.P. O’ Mara, B. O’ Shaughnessy, B. O’ Neill, F. O’ Shaughnessy, T. Walsh, B. Kennedy, N. O’ Shaughnessy, L. Burke (trainer), A. Kennedy, N. Lacey, M. Delaney, D. Kennedy, S. Brennan, L. O’ Shaughnessy, E. Delaney. Front l to r: M. Walsh, Brennan, E. Delaney, T. Simms, M. Dunphy, B. O’ Mara, L. Kennedy, E. Carter, Walsh, J.J Bailey, P.J. Walsh, John Walsh (mascot)

Intermediate Hurling Team in the 1970’s

Back row L to R: M. Walsh, P. Maher, D. O’ Shaughnessy, L. O’ Shaughnessy, J. Downey, T. Dunphy, J. Walsh, J. Downey, J. Stapleton, P. Dunphy. Front row L to R: G. Maher, W. Phelan, P.J. Brennan, W. Delaney, P.J Gowing, W. Hamm, B. Barry, P. Wallace, J.P. O’ Mara, N. Maher.

Ballinakill Hurling Team 1964

Back row L to R: A. Corrigan, J. Stapleton, W. Delaney, E. Walsh, J. Brennan, P. Ivory, N. Kelly, P.J. Gowing, G. Nolan, J. Downey, J. Maher, J. Delaney. Front row L to R: M. Maher, A. Kennedy, M. Corrigan, P. Maher, E, Moore, T. Alcock, M. Rohan, J. Walsh, D. Drennan.

Ballinakill U17 Team 1998

Back l to r: D. Carter, J. Dunne, E. Walsh, R. Keoghane, S. Dwyer, M. Jackman, E. Delaney, P. Dwyer, G. Mcdonnell, L. Walsh. Front: B. Dunne, D. Delaney, J. Walsh, W. Barry, B. Walsh, E. Jackman, C. Barry, D. Mooney.

Ballinakill U21 A Hurling Champions 2002

Back l to r: B. Dunne, S. Dwyer, D. Phelan. M. Malone, B, Walsh, P. Dwyer, J. Walsh, E. Walsh, D. Delaney, R. Keoghane, M. Jackman. Front l to r: E Lambert, D. Hanrahan, W. Barry, C. Delaney, D. Carter, C. Barry, L. Walsh, E. Delaney, E. Jackman, J. Walsh, E. Dwyer, Paul Simms.

U21 Team Captain Eoin Delaney

Junior C Hurling Champions 2009


2004 U21 Hurling team

Back l to r: D. Hanrahan, T. O’ Shaughnessy, D. Phelan, B. Walsh, M. Malone, E. Walsh, B. Dunne, M. Jackman, J. Walsh, P. Dwyer, G. McDonnell. Front l to r: N Lacey, E. Dunne, P. Phelan, E. Dwyer, C. Barry, D. Carter, J. Walsh, D. Delaney, C. Delaney.